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Cruising & Racing Yachts Under Cockpit Rudders

Under Cockpit Rudders are constructed around a stainless steel shaft or stock, which then protrudes up through the bottom of the hull and in to the cockpit.

These rudders are built from laminations of BS1088 marine plywood, which is bonded and pressed around either a new stainless steel stock or even your old stock, if it is in good condition.

The rudder blank is then profiled to the required shape, then glass sheathed and finished in two pack poly white. This type of construction is extremely strong and far superior to rudders which are made from foam filled glass reinforced plastic.

The Flying Fifteen rudder with s/s stock

The Trapper 500 / 501 rudder with s/s stock

swept back rudder
Under Cockpit Rudders

The Seaquest rudder  with s/s stock

The Barracuda with s/s stock
Glass sheathed rudder
White finished rudder

The Seawolf rudder with s/s stock

Under Cockpit Rudders
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