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Tillers for Yachts

Every one of our tillers is manufactured to a client’s specific requirements, from the finest laminations of hardwood. They are then cold moulded in the required tiller design using BS1088 marine glue, then shaped and finished in two pack clear poly.

The Hunter 707, a laminated and curved tiller
single cured tiller
The Horizon 23+26
The Channel 27, a single curved laminated tiller
Laminated tillers
The Hunter Formula 28
The Channel 323, laminated tillers
Laminated tillers

The Trapper 500/501
The Colvic Watson    
The Hunter Mystery 35,   S shaped double curved laminated tiller

double shaped laminated tiller
The Trapper 300, single curved laminated tiller
Laminated tillers

A selection of E Boat, Evolution, MacWesterley, laminated double curved tillers

Laminated tillers
Made to custom design, laminated tiller with shaped handle
Tiller with shaped handle
The Shaped and Laminated Tiller Extension
Tiller extension made to suite double cured tillers
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